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Lesbian Lolita


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From: Brittany Martinez
Subject: Hope Everlasting: The Chronicals of LevithiaHey people, okay so here goes another shot at another story. But this one
is a series, so let's hope that it goes the way I plan for it to. I'm
so happy!! Lesbian Lolita The idea for this story has been haunting me for like a month
now so I finally said, okay already I'll start it! So I did, and here it
is!!!! Yay!!!! Okay, I just want to clear some things up here before I
let you read, one, I hate I's so all my I's in my character's names
are Y's like, Rayne and Nyght and a few more. I don't know I just hate
them. Anyway, this story is called Hope Everlasting: The Chronicles of
Levithia, because.... Well, it takes place in a country called Levithia.
*Duh* so yeah, you'll also notice that the story takes place in the
present time which I have never done before as far as writing fantasy so,
we'll see how that goes. It should be very interesting... but, we'll
see... Okay, and one more little thing, this chapter is pretty much the
"What the hell is going on" chapter (As I call it) The good stuff
happens in Chapter two and on.Anyway, I'll let you people read now, Enjoy!! ^_^
Hope Everlasting: the chronicles of LevithiaChapter One
The sound of rain hitting the bedroom window woke him up. The half-
blooded vampire groaned as he stretched his arms and pulled himself out
of bed. The full length mirror that hung on the back of the bedroom door
revealed a twenty year old with near shoulder length auburn hair and
emerald azure eyes. There was something special about Rayne that all the
people of Levithia knew, not only was he the heir to the Levithian
throne, but the day he was born the stars that shown over his fair
country shown brighter then ever. Rayne pulled on his robe and left his
bedroom, walking down the long hallway into the main hall. To everyone in
the country Rayne was perfect through their eyes, to himself, he was less
than perfect."Good morning Rayne." Amelia said with a smile as her brother entered
the large sitting room, her curly red hair was pulled back into a
ponytail as she sat by the fireplace with a book in her lap. "Or should
I say good afternoon?" she asked looking down at her watch. Two
o'clock. She shook her head and closed her book."Do you know where Ashe is?" Rayne asked as he crossed his arms over
his chest and looked at Amelia."Hmm...." She thought for a moment. "I saw him earlier this morning....
But- sorry, I haven't seen him so I'm not sure where he is."Rayne looked at her disappointedly. "Damn, I was hoping you'd know
where he is, I don't want to have to go looking for him...""Sorry bro.""Damn it.""Check the study; he's been spending a lot of time in there, that's
where he might be." The red haired woman answered with a soft smile as
she Lesbian Lolita
retuned to her book."Thanks..." Rayne said as he turned and headed for the study. Sure
enough, he found Ashe lying on the couch by the window, his cell phone
lying on his stomach as he breathed. He looked so peaceful in his sleep;
his dirty blond hair fell over his natural tan colored skin. Rayne smiled
faintly as he knelt down beside the couch and brushed back the younger
man's hair, he yawned and opened his eyes, looking up at Rayne. "Hey
you." Rayne said as he pulled himself on to his knees and pressed his
lips against the blonde's."Hi...." Ashe breathed breathlessly as he pulled away and smiled."I thought you left me." Rayne said teasingly as he ran his fingers
loosely through the seventeen year old angel's hair."Now why would I do something like that?" The younger man asked as he
sat up and smiled at Rayne.Rayne returned the smile and wrapped his arms around Ashe's waist and
pulled him close. "Have I ever told you how extremely cute you look when
you sleep?""I am not." The blond answered as he looked away and blushed.The prince tucked his index finger Lesbian Lolita
gently under Ashe's chin and made him
look into his eyes. "Yes you are..." he said as he kissed Ashe again
making him blush an even darker shade of red. The blonde's arms wrapped
around Rayne's neck as he Lesbian Lolita pressed his lips firmly against the older
teen's."Rayne..." Ashe breathed as he looked into the prince's eyes and
smiled. "I love you...""I love you too Ashe." Rayne said as he stood up and kissed his angel
one more time. "I have to go alright, I have things I need to take care
of." He said as he walked out of the study.Ashe let out a soft sigh. "Alright...." He said under his breath as he
leaned his head back against the couch.~ * ~Rayne sat behind a large wooden desk twirling a pencil between his
fingers, listening to the royal council members talk his Lesbian Lolita ear off. "You
are almost of age Rayne, I mean, one more years you'll be twenty one and
you will be crowned king." Carlos said as he looked at Rayne. "The
country believes that you will make a good king, you're father did as
well."Rayne sighed. "I will make my father proud, him and my people." The
half vampire said as he stood up from his place at the table. "But first
off, I have a few things I want to clear up.""Um.... Okay." The purple haired man said as he looked at his liege
nervously."I want my privacy; I don't want people bothering me every time I turn
around." Rayne said as he walked over to the large glass window. "I
know me becoming king is not going to be the easiest thing in the world,
but I'll try my best to make my people proud.... And Ashe...." `I want
him to be proud of me, that's all that matters... I want him to be
happy...'A woman with long black hair and crimson red eyes laughed softly as she
looked up at Rayne and stood up. "There is no doubt what so ever that
you're not you're father's son... you're just like him."Rayne looked at the woman and smiled faintly. "Thank you...""You're most certainly welcome, young prince." She answered retuning
the smile as she sat back down in her seat."Alright then, I think this meeting is over." Rayne said as he started
walking out of the conference room."Oh, Rayne!" Carlos called after him.The dark haired prince stopped at the door and turned to look at the
older man. "Yes?""Don't forget about the ball you are supposed to have on Halloween.""I know Carlos, I know." Rayne answered with a smile as he left the
room, closing the door behind him.
~ Lesbian Lolita * ~Ashe sat on the window seal watching the rain hit the glass; he let out a
soft sigh and stood up. "Rayne..." he said softly as he walked over to
the other side of the room and sat down in an arm chair. "Why does he
make me feel like this?""Hey, you love him.... That's what love feels like." Jett answered with
a smile as he brushed back his dark brown hair and watched as Ashe bit
his nails nervously."I know... but, he's always busy, I guess I can't blame him though."
Ashe said as he looked at Jett. "Right?""Exactly, you're boyfriend's a busy man, I mean, you're with the
fucking future king of Levithia." Jett answered as he looked at the
flames in the fireplace they were sitting in front of."I know."Jett smiled. "Hey, Rayne loves you, that's all that matters. He
wouldn't let anything happen to you, alright?""Alright." Ashe answered as he smiled back."Well, I gotta run, I'll check on you later okay,Ashe?""Hm? What? Oh, okay." The blond answered as he starred at the floor."Hey." Jett said as he walked over to the bedroom door."What?" Ashe asked as he looked up at his friend and smiled."Don't ever doubt Rayne okay? Lesbian Lolita
He does love you.""I know.""Bye." Jett said shaking Lesbian Lolita his head and leaving the room.Ashe sat back in his chair and closed his eyes. `I hope Rayne loves me
as much as he says he does...'
TBC.....Well, that's the first chapter; I think its going pretty well so far.
The more reviews the fast I'll get the inspiration to go on with this
story and not give up on it like the other 8 that I'm stuck on. Anyway,
thank you for reading. Love is Forever: Phantomphan
(Aka: Britt)
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